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Things you can do to reduce your risk of falling


  • Review the following questions carefully.
  • For best results, correct the items you have checked off.
  • Helpful hints to help you to reduce your risk of falling are included.
  • Always remember: Falls are preventable!

Do you have poor lighting?

  • Good lighting on stairs can reduce your chance of falling. Add bright strips of tape to the edge of each stair where you do not step. They can help you see the stairs better
  • Illuminate all stairways and hallways and provide light switches at both ends.
  • Use nightlights or bedside remote controlled switches.
  • Consider adding night-lights where overhead lighting is lacking.
  • A night light in the bathroom can also make night trips to the bathroom easier.
  • Always keep a charged flashlight near your bed for emergencies.

Do you have throw rugs?

  • They are a tripping hazard. If you do not wish to remove them, they must be securely fastened with an adhesive, double-stick tape.
  • Tack down the edges of carpets and rugs; remove throw rugs that slide.
  • This is important and cannot be overstated: firmly attach all carpets and rugs, or else remove them.
  • Besides if they’re beautiful you can make a wall hanging.

Do you have clutter?

  • Shoes, electrical cords, and magazines can be hazardous in walkways. Always keep walkways clear.
  • Rearrange furniture so they are not obstacles.

Do you have regularly used items out of reach?

  • Put regularly used items on shelves within easy reach between hip and eye level.
  • Keep a sturdy nightstand next to the bed so glasses and other personal items are within reach.
  • If you must reach overhead, keep a stool handy.
  • A long-handled grasper can be used to reach objects that are on high shelves or on the floor.

Do you have spills that go un-wiped?

  • Spills on the floor can be dangerous. It is best to wipe up spills as soon as they happen.
  • Place a non-slip mat in the sink areas to absorb water which spills on the floor.
  • A slippery bathroom floor, bathtub or shower?
  • Always use a non-skid bathtub / shower mat.
  • If you bathe in a shower, consider installing a non-skid shower chair and hand-held showerhead so you can sit while bathing.
  • Avoid using bath oils or lotions in the bathtub
  • Avoid pulling up on the sink to get up from the toilet or bathtub. Bathroom sinks are generally not securely fastened to the wall or floor, and are not intended to support your weight.
  • Install grab bars or handrails in the shower, on walls around the bathtub, where necessary.
  • Use raised seat and safety rails for toilet.