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Starting at...$26.95 /mo.$32.95 /mo.$34.95 /mo.$40.95 /mo.
Range 600-1000ft from base 600-1000ft from baseUnlimited (in the USA)Unlimited (in the USA)
Battery life Base StationWall outlet + 80hr backupWall outlet + 60hr backupUp to 30 daysUp to 5 days
Battery life button8-10 years8-10 yearsUp to 30 daysUp to 5 days
Recharging Needed
2-way voice
LTE Available
GPS Enabled
Low Battery Detection
Low Battery Alerts
Waterproof Button
Resistant (Shower ready)Resistant (Shower ready)
Fall Detection Available
Wrist button Available

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FAQ’s & Resources

What happens if I press the pendant but cannot respond? Will you still send help?2019-03-28T23:16:50+00:00

If we cannot communicate with you through your device, we will first try to call you to create dialogue. If we are unable to speak with you the emergency medical dispatcher will immediately dispatch emergency services and begin calling your emergency contacts (friends, family, neighbor etc…) consistent with your Emergency Care Plan.

Will my help button break if I drop it?2019-03-28T23:16:22+00:00

Your help button is extremely durable and should withstand a normal fall. We will replace the pendant at no cost to you.

What if I am in a different room from the alarm console and you can’t hear me?2019-03-28T23:15:50+00:00

Whenever the Emergency Button is pressed and the operator can’t establish voice communication with the caller, the Emergency Care Plan is activated. We dispatch the appropriate help and begin calling your contact list.

What if I press the button by mistake?2019-03-28T23:15:27+00:00

When you press the button, one of our emergency medical dispatchers will answer your call for help. If the button was pressed by mistake simply tell the operator that it was a mistake and that you are fine!

How large is the pendant? How can I wear it?2019-03-28T23:14:58+00:00

The pendant is a little bigger than a quarter and weighs about an ounce.  It can be worn as a necklace or on the wrist as well as clipped to your clothing.  We do have options for those who are unable to press it.

Can I speak with you through my pendant or wristband?2019-03-28T23:13:51+00:00

Because our transmitters are designed to be worn at all times, including in the tub or shower, they are designed to be as small as possible. They do not have two-way voice capabilities so you would not be able to speak with us through them. Therefore our alarm console is specifically designed to provide the maximum voice range in your home.

Will the Vital Link System affect my telephone service?2019-03-28T23:13:14+00:00

The Vital Link System has no affect on your phone service. It only uses the phone line to dial when there is an emergency and briefly for testing. These calls are toll-free so you will not be charged.

Is my button water-resistant?2019-03-28T23:12:52+00:00

Yes, all at home buttons are completely water proof and should be worn in accident-prone areas such as the bath or shower.

Should my system have an issue, how do I get it fixed and is there a cost?2019-03-28T23:12:30+00:00

Vital Link Service is responsible for all service and repair for all of its equipment at no extra cost. We will ship battery replacements at no extra cost to you. Our medical alarm equipment has a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

What kind of battery life does the Vital Link Pendant have?2019-03-28T23:12:14+00:00

The Vital Link pendants utilize long life lithium batteries and will typically last up to 8 years under normal operation. We have low battery detection and will replace your button for free before the battery life ends.

Will the unit work if I lose electrical power in my home?2019-03-28T23:11:58+00:00

Yes, in the event of loss of power, the medical alert system has a back-up battery that will operate the unit for up to 32 hours, depending on the type of unit. The unit will also send a “low battery” signal to our monitoring center warning us that your unit is running on the battery. We will then call you to advise you of communication with the caller, the Emergency Care Plan is activated.

Does the pendant work when I am away from my home? What about from my mailbox or backyard?2019-03-28T23:11:17+00:00

The range of the pendant varies depending upon location of the console and the size and construction materials of your home. In most cases, you should be able to activate the emergency pendant from any room in your home with the range roughly about 500 feet. However, the two-way voice communication is restricted to up to 30-40 feet from the base station. Whenever the Emergency Button is pressed and the operator can’t establish voice

I want Vital Link for my mom and dad who live together. Do I have to pay two monitoring fees?2019-03-28T21:20:31+00:00

There are no additional monitoring fees to have two people in the same home monitored. You will however need an additional pendant or wristband which is a one-time fee of $40.00.

“Vital Link offered us such a valuable service for over 10 years. We had peace of mind knowing my elderly mother had subscribed to Vital Link. She lived in her own home and knowing she had access to help if needed was inperative. She used Vital Link until she was 92 and relocated therefore sadly no longer required their services. When it was time to discontinue our business with them I was treated with sensitivity and respect. I truly appreciated their service and professional way they conducted all our transactions. ”

Chris K., Yelp

“My MIL had this system for several years and had cause to use it twice.  Both times the phone response was instantaneous and they called our home to alert us too.  They coordinated response with her living community EMTs and our family. With the Vital Link system my MIL felt secure living on her own… and we appreciated their professional and compassionate responses! ”

Holly W., Yelp

“A true life saver. I signed up my mother for this service so she could be assured that she had a “safety net” while living alone. Even though she lived in an independent elderly facility the emergency pull cords are only in the bathroom or by her bed. While walking back to her room from dinner, she had a mini stroke but knew enough to activate her necklace and within  minutes of her blacking out and falling she was in an ambulance and on her way to the hospital.  I am totally convinced without Vital Link she could have been on the ground possibly for hours before someone would have found her. 100% satisfied. Thank you Vital Link for speedy and excellent service and support. “

Deborah S., Yelp