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I am Dorothy’s niece, my husband and I take care of most of her needs. I myself think your company is wonderful, very caring and professional. Keep up the good work.

Dorothy Davis (San Francisco, Ca) her niece, Sherry Cochran

I just wish I had known about Vital-Link before my two falls this January and March. I feel very confident wearing my alarm system; knowing that I am not completely alone. Living by myself, I have less fears. Thanks to all for your help.

Joan Worthington (Hayward, Ca)

Thank God I have not had to have anyone called for me. Oh yes, I have fallen, but could always get up. However, it is good to know there is help if I need it. I thank my daughter-in-law for helping me get it. May you continue to be of service to others. Oh yes, the price is right too.

Maxia Baer (Medina, OH)

It’s like having a good friend you can call anytime you need them. Thanks for always being there for me.

Gladys Legrande (Oakland, Ca)

When I need help Oct 17, 2007, you sent help quickly. I tell everyone how glad I was to have the little button how very glad to know I am not alone for long if I fall again. Thank you all.

Margaret Couche (Castro Valley, Ca)

8 months ago, I had a mini stroke and wished I had your ‘Vital-Link. Now since July 1st, 2007 I have your good service and feel more secure. I tell my friends about ‘Vital-Link as soon as they will need one. I will let you know. Thank You.

Ursula Lightle (Hollywood, FL)

I’m new the agent who installed my system was wonderful. He was patient, answered all of my questions, and demonstrated the equipment to my satisfaction as to its range. I never though to a list of my medications in the fridge WOW!!!

Jeroline Wickliffe (Vacaville, Ca)

I’m very pleased with my service. I feel safe to live my life alone. There is a relief of knowing all I have to do is push the button and I’m in touch to my emergency immediately

joyce Babson (Hayward, Ca

My mother fell in her apartment on 12/21 she was behind a closed door and you couldn t hear her. Thanks for calling me; she was okay but needed an ambulance after I arrived. Thanks again.

Barbara Margolis (San Francisco, Ca) her daughter, Sarah Pearce

I have never had to use the Vital Link system since signing up 2 years ago. But it has been a relief for my family to know that I can reach help when they are gone. It also gives me peace of mind knowing help will arrive at the push of a button when I’m alone P.S. Plus, it is a reasonable monthly charge.

Coral Hefner (Tucson, AZ)

We are very secure knowing that help will be near during an emergency. When we test our system, we always get a good response which enforces our safety.

Robert & Doris Washton (Bronx, NY)

You re doing great. Since I live alone at the ripe age of 88, having Vital Link is like having another person in the house. It gives me added security & also to my family. It’s a must for seniors living alone.

Lena Montesano (Crockett, Ca)

Hi Art. We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the dedicated care and attention you have given mom these last few years. Vital-Link Emergency Response System has given mom and us the peace of mind we needed to assure us that mom can continue to live independently and in doing so, maintain that ever so important dignity as she ages. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – The Takeda Family

Nellie Takeda (Alameda, CA)

I had need for your service two weeks ago when I fell. I was amazed at the prompt service I received-almost immediately paramedics were there. I’m a firm advocate for your medical alert service.

Lorraine Silva (Fremont, CA)

I do appreciate your medical alarm service very much. It saved my life so many times. I have so many problems, some heart, stomach and I have arthritis. The panic button saved my life so many times, I couldn’t do without it. I am thankful for this help. I would die if I didn’t have it. God Bless!

Larry Smith (Vacaville, CA)

I have never regretted having Vital-Link Medical Alert System. It is in reach of my bed so I feel secure I can get help if I need it. It is also a security to check in and find all is in working order-even though I miss a monthly test once or twice through the years! The people who answer are always cheerful and give the report how the Medical Alarm is working. This is really Vital to hear. My thanks to all who make this service available.

Yvonne Skyrus (Walnut Creek, CA)

It is comforting to know that I have Vital-Link Medical Alert System. Although I have had only had to use the system once (thank the good lord) to response was excellent.

Shirley Rosenstock (Laguna Woods, CA)

I am writing on behalf of my mother-in-law. We started using your Medical Alert service quite some time ago. She has had to use your service several times. We have been pleased at the quick response each and every time. We are thrilled that she has this service and will refer you to family and friends.

Milia Zakkak (Hayward, CA) —-Her Daughter in Law—-

I am 90 now and have been depending on Vital-Link Medical Alarm for eight years for assistance in time of accident or illness. It is a blessing I would not live without. I am able to live alone without stress because of a Vital Link. I am convinced that this has been a vital factor in my continuing good health, mental and physical.

Frances McOmie (Walnut Creek, CA)

Congratulations on your 23rd year. I have been with you for going on 3 years and I feel so secure knowing you are there. I have used the service twice as I am 98 and totter on my feet as I fall, and no way can I get up so I press the button and someone comes and all is ok again. Thank you for all you are. I have had good feelings for your group since day one when you came and set me up. Have another good, successful quarter century.

Hazel Jacob (Oakland, CA)

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