Fall Detection Button

($10/month, added to home link and cellular home link)

Designed to help you maintain independence and peace of mind by automatically calling for help in the event of a fall and you are unable to activate your help button manually. This button boasts a 600-1000 foot range, enabling you to summon help from in and around your home. The button is designed to be waterproof and should be worn in the shower and in the bath. **this button cannot detect falls with perfect accuracy. Therefore, push you help button to summon help in the event of an emergency

Wall Button

($5/month, added to home link and cellular home link)

The wall button is easily mountable anywhere in the home and compatible to activate your Home Link or Cellular Home Link system. It can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface such as a nightstand or bathroom counter. Having wall buttons placed in high risk areas gives you peace of mind, knowing that help is available whenever needed. This button has a range of 600-1000 feet from your base station and is water resistant.

Lock Box

($38.5 onetime fee)
Vital Link offers the Vault Lock Lockbox. This is used to store a spare key safely and securely outside the home enabling family member, caregivers, or emergency service to access your home during an emergency. Having this lockbox ensures that a door or window will not be broken in order to enter the home in an emergency.

Medication Dispenser

(call for pricing and availability)

Our medication dispenser is a circular shaped device with 28 slots for medication. Medication can be programmed to be dispensed 1 to 4 times per day. The lid locks the medication in, only allowing a single dose to be dispensed at a time, eliminating the risk of over medicating. We have the ability to pair this medication dispenser with our at-home systems. If you choose to pair with out at-home device if medication is not taken a signal is sent to our response center and a live person will check in to make sure medication is taken.

Additional wrist or neck button

($40 onetime fee)
An additional button you can use or keep as a spare. Comes in wrist or neck option. Battery last up to 5 years and we have low battery detection so if the battery is low we will replace your button free of charge.

Carrying pouch for mobile device (Free)

A pouch that allows you to carry your mobile device on your belt, purse strap, walker, etc. this is only available for the mobile link. The mobile link + fall detection must be worn around the neck for the fall detection to work properly.

Additional Charger for Mobile Device (call for pricing and availability)

Keeping your mobile device charged will make sure it is always working for you. If you spend extended periods of time in different locations having and additional charger will ensure your device will always be charged and ready when you need it.

Do I Need a Medical Alert System?

When it comes to your wellbeing, it’s always a good idea to explore your options. Whether you’re concerned about living alone, falling, or have certain health risks or conditions, a little extra safety can make all the difference. Let’s figure out if Vital Link is right for you: